Privacy Policy

Neighborhood Publications, Inc. values the privacy of every user and makes available a series of privacy control measures for its hosted websites including the following:

  • Neighborhood Publications, Inc. adheres to a strict privacy policy: we do not sell user lists to anyone for any reason. Any person or entity considering use of this information for marketing purposes – please do not! This list may be “seeded” to expose misuse. Anyone attempting to abuse the information will be promptly contacted and appropriate action will be taken.
  • If there is a Directory, we provide restricted access and password protection capability.
  • Users are given the ability to control what will be displayed on a Website Directory. They can make this selection when they first register, and can change these selections at any time by clicking on My Profile.
  • Children’s names are not knowingly listed on the Directory.
  • The user listing information in the Directory may come from multiple sources, and we apologize for any inaccuracies. Users are asked to verify accuracy of their directory listing when they first register, and can update this information at any time by clicking on My Profile.
  • Users will only be able to see one user’s address and telephone number at a time so they cannot print out lists of users.
  • The information contained in the list of users also includes addresses that are on a Do Not Solicit List, and any attempt to distribute marketing material will result in appropriate action.
  • Hosted websites may contain links to external websites, images, documents, or other content. This privacy policy does not apply to such external websites.
  • Hosted websites use cookies stored on the user’s computer to maintain user login information and to maintain login status.
  • If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, they will be posted on this website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, or by mail to Neighborhood Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 8547 Fleming Island, FL 32006.