Frequently Asked Questions

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What if we already have a website?

That's no problem! We have worked with many associations that want to convert their information from their old website to ours because it fits their needs. We will help in every step of the way during the transition.

Will you assist with updates to the website?

Yes, Neighborhood Publications offers a full service plan that includes assistance with sending email blasts, adding pictures or articles to the website, adding calendar events, setting up RSVP's, uploading documents, answering resident questions and much more. Read more information on how we can relieve the workload involved with website maintenance. Alternatively, if you have a person in place to handle the website updates, we will train them for no additional cost.

How easy is the admin side to use?

It's very simple! We provide thorough, continuous training and are available to answer any questions during normal office hours. A person with basic computer skills will be very capable at handling the administrative duties and updates to the website.

I don't need all of the additional features. Is there a way that I can have a website with just the basics capabilities?

Yes, we offer a basic neighborhood website that includes the ability to upload documents, add events to the calendar, include text and pictures on the website and much more. This website is available for a minimal cost. More information about the basic website.

Is there a limit to the storage space on our neighborhood website?

No, there is no limit to the amount of documents, pictures, and information that you add to your neighborhood website.

What if there are parts of the site that I don't want the public to see?

Any sections of the website can be made private to only registered residents or club members. We recommend this feature to be utilized for the directory and any confidential financial documents.

What information is gathered from residents during registration? How can that benefit our neighborhood?

When a user registers to the website, they will review the information on file for their name, address, phone number, email address, alternate address, and have the ability to add other users of the household, . This offers the neighborhood or club to communicate to users whether it be a monthly newsletter, emergency email, or other important announcement. The end result is a higher percentage of viewed emails and increased participation in the community or club. The User Data is only available to the Administrators of the website.

Who owns the URL?

It is totally up to the association or management/amenity company. Many communities and clubs own their URL, but Neighborhood Publications is happy to purchase an available URL for a fee of $35/year. This is determined prior to the launch of the website.

Do you offer customized services or technology?

Yes, we will be happy to set up a meeting with your neighborhood or management company and listen to your specific needs. We will then create a detailed plan on how our company can offer our services to solve the problem at hand. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

What do you need from us to get started?

We need an agreement from the management or amenity company, or the association. We'll also send some simple questions that will allow us to get started.

Do you ever add new features?

Yes, we constantly are upgrading the functionality of the websites on a monthly basis. In fact, if you require a certain feature that we do not already provide, we will work to develop the capability for you.