About Us

We pride ourselves on the niche that we have created with our publications


Adapting to your needs

Neighborhood Publications has assisted Homeowners Associations, Property & Amenity Management Companies, and Country Clubs in identifying current and potential issues associated with communication and their existing website functionality. Below are some common situations that we have encountered and therefore addressed with our products and services:

1) Finding the perfect website for you

When management or amenity companies licence one website template for all of their neighborhood and clubs, the websites often are expensive and restrictive. They may either have too many unnecessary features or they do not have all of the capabilities needed which is frustrating to the neighborhood or club.

Neighborhood Publications offers two types of fully customizable websites which meet the needs of neighborhoods and clubs of all sizes. This is done at a minimal cost while fulfilling the requirements of very small and large complex communities. If the neighborhood or club decides to start with a basic website and upgrade to the premium website, that’s no problem! The website package can be changed at any time. Read more about what is included in the basic and premium websites.

2) We have a website, now who’s going to maintain it?

A major issue that many management companies and board members encounter is that they are too busy with incredibly important tasks, and the website rarely is updated with new content on a timely basis. Many times requests for website updates take weeks to complete which is discouraging and frustrating to the neighborhood or club.

The expectation in today’s environment is that a website should be current and relevant. Prospective club members or residents will often look to the website to understand what types of activities and events are happening. If the website is out of date, they may leave the website with a negative impression of the neighborhood or club.

The Connect To Neighbors® website was designed to be user-friendly and simple to use. If you can compose a Word document, you have the skills needed to update the website. Training sessions are provided over the phone at no additional cost. We pride ourselves on high standards of service and are available by phone or email to answer all questions or concerns.

Our customized service plans allow management companies or associations the ability to outsource the responsibilities involved with maintaining the website(s), so they can get back to focusing on the pressing daily issues associated with a neighborhood or club. Additionally, if there happens to be turnover within the organization, the website will continue to be updated on a regular basis with high quality and consistent results. More information on our service plan.

Mission Statement

Neighborhood Publications, Inc. is a premier community communication resource providing Customizable Websites and Content Services for neighborhoods and country clubs. We partner with Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Community Development Districts (CDDs), Property Managers, and Amenity Services to accomplish our mission to improve the communication gap between associations and residents or club members.

Our success with building and managing websites is based on five critical areas:

  • Commitment to the residents, club members, and associations we serve
  • Dedication to quality products and services
  • High standards for our employees
  • Privacy of the residents and club members
  • Perseverance for sustained growth


In 2001, Neighborhood Publications began by publishing high quality printed neighborhood directories in the Jacksonville Metropolitan area. As the demand for an inexpensive fully functional neighborhood website became apparent, Neighborhood Publications began working with a 2,800 home neighborhood in Jacksonville on a website that would meet the demands of the active community. Since 2009 when this first website was launched, Neighborhood Publications has grown to host over 60 websites in various locations in the Southeast.